Plasma Physics and Technology is transfered to the new location. The submission process using this site will no longer work.


You can submit the contribution by obtaining our e-mail via this link

Please note, that only contribution consistent with our LaTeX template will be send to reviewers..

Contributions requirements

How to work with template

  1. Download the template
  2. Unzip the downloaded archive as a folder
  3. Install TeX Live on your PC
    • Download Tex Live exe file to your computer
    • Run an exe file you have downloaded
    • TeX Live installer will ask you whether you want to install all addons, please install them all
    • TeX Live installation takes about 2 hours and you should be online for all the time
  4. Install some software to open TeX and LaTeX files, e.g. TexMaker
  5. Open the pptexaple.tex in TexMaker and edit it, it is the easiest way to learn how to create your own file
  6. To update the .pdf file you should compile your file, to do so, please, follow three easy steps written below. You should provide these steps each time you want to update your .pdf file. It is possible, that something will go wrong in the case you have a mistake in your LaTeX code. Please read the error notes carefully
    1. Run .tex file with pdfLatex in your TexMaker software, it will create .aux, .log and other files in your template directory
    2. Open the .aux file with TexMaker and run it with BibTex, it will read your bibliography file
    3. Run the .tex file again twice, it will do links to your references
  7. Please write all references into the biblio.bib file and don't rename this file. The biblio.bib file contains all kinds of references e.g. book, article, websites etc.
    Please note, that only used references will be displaied in your .pdf. References, that are not used in the .tex file with command \cite{reference_name} won't display after .tex file compilation if even the biblio.bib file contains it.
  8. If you are new to LaTeX syntax you can read or watch these tutorials